Cutlets ‘Pozharsky’

Mechanically separated turkey meat, turkey skin, raw fat, turkey breast fillet, turkey thigh fillet, breading rusks (wheat flour), water, complex food additive (starch (potato, peas), soy protein concentrate, thickeners (tara gum, carboxymethyl cellulose), complex food additive (spices (onion, black pepper, coriander, salt, sugar (glucose, sucrose, lactose), flavour and smell enhancer (glutamate), acidity regulator (pyrophosphates), antioxidants (ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, lemon acid), complex food additive (whey protein, egg protein), complex food additive (spices extracts (coriander, black pepper, garlic)).

Expiry date:
Not more than 180 days, if temperature is about -18°C and relative humidity is not more than 85%
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