Turkey meat snacks

Turkey fillet (big one), water, salt, spices mixture (chili pepper, cumin, coriander, sugar - glucose, flavour and smell enhancer - monosodium glutamate), paprika, complex food additive (stabilizers (sodium triphosphate, pyrophosphate, polyphosphate), antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), flavourant identical to a natural one, spices extracts, sugar, colour stabilizer (sodium nitrite), food additive (acidity regulators (sodium acetate, trisodium citrate), antioxidants (sodium metabisulfite)), thickeners (xanthan gum, guar gum).

Expiry date:
Not more than 90 days, if temperature is between 0°C and +6°C and relative humidity is not more than 75-78%
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