1. General provisions
The personal data processing policy is created in accordance with the No.152 Federal Law requirements dated by 27.07.2006 “About personal data” (hereafter - Personal Data Law) and defines the personal data processing procedure and personal data safety measures taken by BPC named after M. Gafuri (hereafter - Operator).

1.1 The Operator’s main purpose and conditions of activity performance is to follow human rights and liberties during personal data processing including personal privacy defense as well as personal and family secrets.

1.2 The Operator’s policy on personal data processing (hereafter - Policy) is applied to all the information that can be obtained about all the web-site https://indushkin.org/ visitors.

2. The Policy main terms

2.1 Automated personal data processing - personal data processing by computer equipment.

2.2. Personal data processing blocking - temporary termination of personal data processing (excluding the cases when the processing is necessary for personal data clarification)

2.3. Web-site - graphical and information material as well as computer programs and database providing their availability on the internet at //indushkin.org/.

2.4. Personal data information system - personal data in the database and information technologies and technical tools that provide personal data processing.

2.5. Personal data depersonalization - activities, as a result of which it is impossible to define the personal data ownership to the exact User or another personal data subject without additional information.

2.6. Personal data processing - any activity (operation) or number of activities conducted with the help of automatization means or without any means with personal data, including personal data collection, recording, systematization, storage, clarification (updating, modifying), extraction, usage and transmission (distribution, providing or access) depersonalization, blocking, deleting, and destruction.

2.7. Operator - state body, municipal body, legal person or physical person that perform personal data processing independently or with other parties and define personal data processing purposes, personal data content, activities (operations) with personal data.

2.8. Personal data - any information that directly or indirectly refers to the defining or defined User of the website https://indushkin.org/.

2.9. Personal data confirmed by personal data subject for distribution - personal data that is available for unlimited groups of people by giving confirmation of personal data subject for processing of the personal data that is approved for distribution in accordance with the Law about personal data (hereafter - personal data approved for distribution).

2.10. User - any website https://indushkin.org/ visitor.

2.11. Personal data provision - activities aimed at personal data reveal to the exact person or exact group of people.

2.12. Personal data distribution - any activities aimed at revealing personal data to the uncertain group of people (personal data transmission) including publishing in social media or telecommunication networks as well as personal data provision by another way.

2.13. Cross-boarder data transmission - transmission of personal data to another country, foreign country authority, foreign physical or legal parties.

2.14. Personal data destruction - any activities, as a result of which personal data is irrevocably destroyed without any possibility to recover the content of personal data in the information system and/or physical carriers of personal data are destroyed.

3. Main rights and obligations of the Operator
3.1. Operator is entitled to:

  • get reliable information and/or documents with personal data from the personal data subject;
  • In case the personal data subject withdraws the personal data processing consent and sends a request to stop processing personal data, the Operator is entitled to continue personal data processing without subject consent if there are grounds mentioned in the Personal Data Law;
  • independently define the content and range of measures that are necessary and sufficient for obligation fulfillment considered by the Personal Data Law and the corresponding regulatory legal acts, unless otherwise provided by the Personal Data Law or by other Federal Laws;

3.2. The Operator is obliged to:

  • provide the personal data subject with the information concerning to his personal data processing at his request;
  • organize personal data processing in accordance with the Russian Federation current legislation;
  • reply to the personal data subjects or their legal representative requests in accordance with requirements of the Personal Data Law;
  • Inform the authorized body on the personal data subject’s right protection about the necessary information at its request within 10 days since the date of getting this request;
  • publish or provide the unlimited access to the Policy of personal data processing by another way;
  • take legal, organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from illegal or accidental access, destruction, modifying, blocking, copying, provision, distribution as well as other illegal activities concerning to the personal data;
  • stop personal data transferring (distribution, provision and access) and personal data processing as well as destroy personal data in the manner and procedures prescribed by the Personal Data Law;
  • fulfill other obligations prescribed by the Personal Data Law.

4. Main rights and obligations of the personal data subject
4.1. Personal data subjects are entitled to:
  • get information concerning his personal data, unless cases prescribed by the Federal Law. Information is provided to the personal data subject by the Operator in an accessible form and it must not include the personal data of other subjects unless the cases when there are legal grounds for revealing these personal data. Range of information and procedure of obtaining are prescribed by the Personal Data Law;
  • require from the Operator to clarify, block or destroy the personal data, if the personal data is not sufficient, not updated, inaccurate, illegally obtained or not necessary for declared processing purpose as well as to take legal measures in order to protect the rights;
  • put forward the conditions for preliminary consent during personal data processing for promotional purpose in the goods and service market;
  • revoke the personal data processing consent as well as send the request about personal data processing termination;
  • appeal in an authorized body on personal data subjects right protection or in court the illegal actions or inaction of the Operator during personal data processing;
  • exercise other rights prescribed by the Russian Federation legislation.

4.2. Personal data subjects are obliged to:

  • provide the Operator with the reliable data;
  • inform the Operator about personal data clarification (updating, modifying).

4.3. Parties that transfer to the Operator not reliable data about himself or about another personal data subject without the consent of the last one are obliged to take responsibilities according to the Russian Federation legislation.

5. Personal data processing principles
5.1. Personal data processing is performed on a legal and fair basis.

5.2. Personal data processing is limited by the exact, legal and predetermined purposes. Personal data processing that is not compatible with the data collection purpose can not be performed.

5.3. Integration of the databases containing the personal data that is processed for non-correlative purposes can not be performed.

5.4. Only personal data that corresponds to the processing purposes can be processed.

5.5. Personal data content and amount correspond to the declared processing purposes. Personal data redundancy concerning the declared processing purposes is not permitted.

5.6. It is necessary to ensure personal data accuracy, sufficiency and relevance when it is needed concerning personal data processing purpose. The Operator takes the necessary measures on unsufficient or inaccurate data deleting and clarifying and/or makes them to be taken.

5.7. Personal data storage is performed in the form that can make it possible to define the personal data subject no longer than it is required by the processing purpose, if the storage term is not prescribed by the Federal Law or contract with the personal data subject as a beneficiary or guarantor. Processed personal data is destroyed or depersonalized when the processing purpose is achieved or in case of loss of the need, unless otherwise provided by the Federal Law.

6. Purposes of processing personal data
  • Purposes of processing personal data: informing Users though sending emails
  • Personal data: Name, surname, telephone number, previous job experience,
  • Legal basis: Federal law About information, informational technologies, and data protection dated by 27.07.2006 N 149-FL
  • List of actions with personal data: non-automated personal data processing; collecting, recording, systematization, storing, accumulation, elimination, depersonalization of personal data; Sending informational emails to one’s email

7. Conditions for processing personal data
7.1 Processing of personal data is conducted according to the subject’s consent to processing of their personal data.

7.2 Processing of personal data is necessary for accomplishing goals set with international agreement of Russian Federation or Law and for fulfilling functions, responsibilities, and obligations entrusted with the Law of Russian Federation to the Operator.

7.3 Processing of personal data is needed for administration of justice, execution of judicial acts, and acts of other authority or official subject to execution according to the Law of Russian Federation.

7.4 Processing of personal data is needed to implement a contract a party of which is a beneficiary, or when a guarantor of this contract is a subject of personal data, and for concluding an agreement on the initiative of a subject of personal data, or for concluding an agreement according to which a subject of personal data will be a beneficiary or a guarantor.
7.5 Processing of personal data is needed for implementing rights and legal interests of an operator or third parties or for accomplishing socially significant purposes if rights and liberties of a subject of personal data.

7.6 We process personal data access to which is provided by a subject of personal data or upon their request to unlimited group of individuals (further - publicly available personal data)

7.7 We process personal data which is subject to publishing or necessarily revealed in accordance with federal laws.

8. Procedure of collecting, storing, transferring, and other types of processing of personal data
Safety of personal data processed by Operator is provided through implementing legal, organizational, and technical measures necessary for meeting requirements of current personal data protection legislation.

8.1 Operator provides security of personal data and takes all the possible measures which exclude unauthorized individuals’ access to personal data.

8.2 Under no circumstances will personal data of User be passed to third parties except for cases connected with implementation of current legislation or if a subject of personal data agreed on passing their personal data for fulfilling commitments under civil law contracts.

8.3 If any inaccuracies in personal data are identified, User can update them and inform Operator https://indushkin.org/ to their email with a note «Personal data update».

8.4 Period of processing personal data is determined with accomplishing goals for which personal data was collected if another period is not provided with an agreement or current legislation. User can withdraw their consent to personal data processing notifying Operator https://indushkin.org/ through email with a note «WIthdrawing content to personal data processing».

8.5 All information collected with other services, including payment systems, communication means, and other service suppliers, is stored and processed by aforementioned parties (Operators) in accordance with their User agreement and Confidentiality policy. Subject of personal data and/or with aforementioned documents. Operator is not responsible for actions of third parties, including aforementioned service suppliers.

8.6 Bans on transferring personal data adopted by a subject of personal data (except for providing access) and their bans on personal data processing or conditions (except for gaining access) of processing data permitted for distributing are not valid in cases when it is in governmental, social, or other public interest, defined with the Russian Federation Legislation.

8.7 When processing personal data, Operator guarantees personal data privacy.

8.8 Operator stores personal data with a possibility to identify a subject of personal data no longer than it’s necessary to accomplish purposes of personal data processing if period is not defined with federal laws or an agreement party of which is a beneficiary or guarantor.

8.9 Accomplishing purposes of personal data processing, expiration of a subject’s content, a subject’s withdrawal of their content, demand for termination of personal data processing, and detection of improper personal data processing can be conditions for termination of personal data processing.

9. List of actions with personal data performed by Operator
9.1 Operator collects, records, systematizes, accumulates, stores, clarifies (updates and changes), extracts, uses, transfers (distributes, provides, accesses), depersonalizes, blocks, deletes, and destructs personal data.

9.2 Operator processes personal data automatically with gaining or accessing information through informational or telecommunication networks or without them.

10. Cross-border personal data transfer
10.1 Before providing cross-border personal data transfer, Operator must notify authorities responsible for protection of personal data subjects’ rights of intention to implement cross-border personal data transfer. Additionally, this notification and intention to process personal data must be sent separately.

10.2 Before submitting the aforementioned application, Operator must receive required information from foreign government, foreign individuals, and foreign legal entities which will be subject to cross-border personal data transfer.

11. Personal data privacy
Operator and other individuals, who got access to personal data, must not reveal and distribute personal data to third parties without personal data subject’s consent unless otherwise provided by federal laws.

12. Final incentives
12.1 When contacting Operator through email https://indushkin.org/, User can get any explanations regarding their questions about processing their personal data.

12.2 This document will show any changes in personal data processing policy of Operator. Policy is valid indefinitely until being replaced with a new version.

12.3 Current Policy is available on the Internet on the following website: https://indushkin.org/

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